How To Stay Connected

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From your local coffee shop, to your gyrm, to last night’s networking event, you are bound to meet many people with a variety of skills that you will need to tap into in the future. So how can you manage all the business cards you acquire and not have those connections lost in the abyss of our messy desk drawers?

Create an organizing system. Organize your business contacts by noting where you met them, why you met them and when you met them. Having those three W’s handy, will allow you to remember each person clearly.

Make a conscious effort to continuously reach out. Don;t let your first hello be your last one. Reach out to your connections from time to time. Shoot them a quick email and/or like a post of their s on social media to make sure that your circles will always remain connected.

Support support support! Support the connections you make. Whether you run in the same business industry or not, provide the support to your connections. Attend their events and promote their business ventures. Having more interaction with your connections will increase the probability of you both remembering one another.

Don’t lose those sacred connections. Knowing who you know will provide you the avenue to the key players in your network.


Written by: Valerie Tatunay, Public Relations Coordinator

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As the Public Relations Coordinator at Lavi PR, with a passion for storytelling, Valerie enjoys the art of creating content. When she is not writing, you can find her exploring America’s Finest City with her four dogs.

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