“It was great working with Hillary and the LA VIE EN PR team. LA VIE EN PR represented us with Public Relations and we showcased the “WaveWrecker” multiple times on TV! We were live on the morning show on CW6 for the first time! And we also were on FOX 5. We showcased the WaveWrecker in Encinitas Moonlight beach with the reporter, Lisa Lane and she even wore the WaveWrecker in the segment. LA VIE EN PR created great partnerships. They partnered us with the Nonprofit, Urban Surf 4 Kids. And together, we are able to provide foster and Orphan children the ultimate WaveWrecker experience. We wanted to provide disadvantaged kids with an extremely fun and rewarding experience. And with LA VIE EN PR, our goal is to give back to our community and bring happiness to underprivileged children. We enjoyed working with LA VIE EN PR and would like to work with her again!”

— CEO & Founder of WaveWrecker, Nick Gadler