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High Heels and Ponytails , The Necessary Tools for Leaders

“I am a unique woman with who has something great to contribute”

Ever wonder what the secret recipe is to becoming a good leader? It takes a cup of perseverance, a spoonful of guts, and a surprising dash of insecurity and emotion. Seems like an unconventional recipe right? However, this recipe lead Lavi’s Inspirational Woman of the Week, Dr. Julie Ducharme, up the winding path to success.

Dr. Julie Ducharme is a sought-after keynote speaker, author, business consultant, entrepreneur, instructor, and a special consultant in women's empowerment. Dr. Ducharme is the creator, founder, and CEO of Julie’s Party People, JD Consulting, and Synergy Learning Institute a technical vocational college. Dr. Ducharme has been a consultant, instructor and serial business entrepreneur for the last 17 years. Dr. Ducharme has hit the prestigious  Inc Magazine’s top 60 leadership books list with her book Leading By My Ponytail, Why Can’t I wear Pink and Be The President. Dr. Ducharme’s accolades continue with a strong educational background consisting of a Doctorate of Business Administration, to  top national awards, and best papers for IBAM. Recently Dr. Ducharme took her best selling book and developed two e-courses caled Slippers to Stilettos and Combat Boots to Heels. In her spare time, Dr. Ducharme enjoys combining her plethora of expertise, Dr. Ducharme helps college students shape their programs, and help businesses and individuals grow their companies from the ground up.

Despite all of her success, Dr. Ducharme has had her fair share of setbacks. Being a young ambitious woman, Dr. Ducharme heard time and time again that she did not belong and was not good enough based on the fact that she was young and a woman. Instead of ignoring the naysayers, Dr. Ducharme answered the negativity with perseverance. Dr. Ducharme used her belief in herself to persevere and her guts to go after what she dreamed of despite what anybody thought.

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Although with many people against her, Dr. Ducharme had a strong village behind her rooting her on. According to Dr. Ducharme, having a strong support system is extremely important but is often the one key tool that many women stray away from. With fear of looking weak, many women tend to not reach out for help when help is needed.  However, in order to succeed, Dr. Ducharme encourages women to reach out to their village as the support needed to break through the barriers that are stacked against them.

Despite society stacking barriers against women, Dr. Ducharme acknowledges that women have superpowers that their counterparts do not have The characteristic that society tends to categorize as negative is actually the one characteristic that Dr. Ducharme encourages other women leaders to embrace, which is emotion. According to Dr. Ducharme, being emotionally intelligent is the cause of what makes women so passionate and motivated to keep going, which eventually leads to the coveted success that everyone (not just women) yearn for.

To all those women leaders out there, Dr. Ducharme challenges you to go out there and embrace your insecurities, embrace your emotions and grow from the experiences that life throws your way. In turn your uniqueness will make you the great woman leader that society needs. Dr. Ducharme encourages you to break out the heels, bust out the pink outfits and go change the world!

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Written by: Valerie Tatunay, Public Relations Coordinator


As the Public Relations Coordinator at Lavi PR, with a passion for storytelling, Valerie enjoys the art of creating content. When she is not writing, you can find her exploring America’s Finest City with her four dogs. or soaking up magic at Disneyland.

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Empowering Women in Business: Lazer Ladies

More and more in today’s society, women are taking charge of their future and becoming the business titans that, for so many decades, were known only to be men.

The owners of Lazer Ladies, sisters Cindy and Marylou, are no exception to this wave of strong, independent women paving their way into the world of business. Their company, Lazer Ladies, specializes in providing personalized laser-engraved gifts and awards for meaningful events. Originally started in their two-car garage, Lazer Ladies has now grown into a successful business celebrating its 12 year anniversary.

The Lazer Ladies standing next to one of their laser engraved trophies.

The Lazer Ladies standing next to one of their laser engraved trophies.

Although neither Cindy nor Marylou had experience in business when they started Lazer Ladies in 2007, both women are well versed in hard work and determination. Marylou has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Irvine and a Master’s in Business from the University of Las Vegas. She was also an  U.S. Air Force officer for eight years before being stationed in Las Vegas. Cindy is currently earning her Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Las Vegas as well, all while helping her sister run the company.

As with any business start-up, the journey to success doesn’t come without its challenges. When Cindy and Marylou first created Lazer Ladies in 2007, the recession hit immediately after. All of their savings and income went back into the business and the sisters were forced to live off of very little. It took them three years, but they were finally able to recover and start earning a profit from all the hard work they were putting in.

Some of the amazing work that Lazer Ladies does.

Some of the amazing work that Lazer Ladies does.

In addition to the recession, Cindy and Marylou have faced struggles with people underestimating them. Whether it’s because of their size (Cindy 4 feet 11 inches and Marylou 4 feet 8 inches), their gender or their presence in a male-dominated industry, the women have come across all sorts of people undermining their role as businesswomen. Both ladies don’t let these encounters stop them by any means. Instead, they use it as an opportunity to educate those individuals on who they are and what they have accomplished.

It is important to remember that being a woman is a beautiful and empowering experience. We have our own traits or superpowers, if you will, that make us strong. Cindy and Marylou embrace their womanhood in many different ways. They overcome every obstacle put in their path by listening to their gut instinct and trusting it. They embrace their uniqueness as women in the male-dominated field of laser engraving, and do it all in heels. Their resilience got them through the recession and will carry them through any future adversity that comes their way.

It’s a tough world out there, especially when you take the risk and go for your dreams. But in the words of Cindy and Marylou, sometimes, “You have to put on your high heels, smack on some lipstick and take action.”

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