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How To Balance A Romantic Relationship and Work Life

Enjoying a romantic evening at Disneyland

Enjoying a romantic evening at Disneyland

Deadlines, projects and emails OH MY! We have all experienced those hard work days when all you want to do is go home and decompress. At times, the stress of our work life is so consuming that we tend to cast our love life to the side, that we find ourselves questioning how can we balance our work life and relationship?

Nina Jolic, Business and Personal Coach

Nina Jolic, Business and Personal Coach

To help find the right balance, we interviewed Business and Personal Coach Nina Jolic to learn about some quick easy steps to give your love life a little T-L-C:

Lavi PR: What is the best way to start to reconnect with your sweetheart?

Nina: I recommend to disconnect in order to reconnect with your loved one. We’re always in this place of being busy. We all need to get our work done but it’s easy to stay stuck at work if you don’t have something lined up.  So, shut down and head home to a pampered evening at home… order in from your favorite restaurant, put candles on the table as your sweetheart turns on the music and opens up your favorite bottle of wine and you both luxuriate in the intimacy of reconnecting.  And if that’s not your thing then how about cuddling on the sofa binging on Netflix and your favorite takeout?

Partaking in a salsa dancing class

Partaking in a salsa dancing class

Lavi PR: How can a couple step out of the monotony of life?

Nina: Toss out the same old same old! We get bored at work and let’s face it, we can get bored in our relationships, no matter how much you love the person. Maybe you’re staying longer at work to avoid sinking back into a routine at home. So kick boredom to the curb and shake things up a bit! There’s nothing better than getting out and having fun doing something that is purely entertaining. Try something new that you both haven’t done before , or revisit a past time that you enjoyed doing before work and kids took over. Partake in activities that allow you and your sweetheart to interact with each other and work together as a team. I recommend taking a salsa dancing class, cooking class or enjoying a nice romantic evening stroll.

Lavi PR: Going beyond a new fun date, how else do you recommend to spice things up?

Nina: Take it back to the basics and get your sexy on! Work cannot hold a candle to the sexiness of feeling wanted and desired by your partner. And this goes both ways. Send your guy or gal sexy texts with an enticing promise of what’s in store when you get home.  And delicious is it to receive texts and how hot they are is one of the secret spices to a delicious relationship. What about when you’re together? What do you do that makes your partner wild? Is it a five o’clock shadow, sexy lingerie, a lingering touch, enticing kisses, dancing in the kitchen as you make dinner?

Lavi PR: Do you have any last piece of advice?

Nina: Remember that work will always take as much as you will give it so make your relationship a priority because that is the most special part of your retirement plan.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there is no better time than now to feed your soul and reconnect with your sweetheart.

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Written by: Valerie Tatunay, Public Relations Coordinator


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