How To Utilize Social Media

Living in the age of technology, means you need some sort of presence on social media. Social media has moved from a juvenile past time to the new and improved “yellow pages” of our time. But how can you benefit from social media?

Follow these three Cs to utilize your social media account:


Create. Create content that is enticing. Use the different capabilities of each different social media outlet. Create fun Boomarangs for Instagram’s view friendly capability. Create a cheeky status update on Facebook. Create a question and answer session on Twitter. Create eye catching videos for Youtube. Use the capabilities to be creative.

Cultivate.  Cultivate and develop your following. Continuously engage with your followers. Reply to comments and messages in a timely manner. Treat your social media followers as customers that would come into your shop. Do not ignore them!

Consistency. Be consistent with creating and cultivating. Post creative content daily through posts and stories. Engage with your following everyday by commenting and messaging on not only your content but by showing them support on their content.

Whether you are new to social media, or a bonafide Influencer, these three Cs will give your social media account that extra edge.


Written by: Valerie Tatunay, Public Relations Coordinator


As the Public Relations Coordinator at Lavi PR, with a passion for storytelling, Valerie enjoys the art of creating content. When she is not writing, you can find her exploring America’s Finest City with her four dogs. or soaking up magic at Disneyland.

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