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Empowering Women in Business: Lazer Ladies

More and more in today’s society, women are taking charge of their future and becoming the business titans that, for so many decades, were known only to be men.

The owners of Lazer Ladies, sisters Cindy and Marylou, are no exception to this wave of strong, independent women paving their way into the world of business. Their company, Lazer Ladies, specializes in providing personalized laser-engraved gifts and awards for meaningful events. Originally started in their two-car garage, Lazer Ladies has now grown into a successful business celebrating its 12 year anniversary.

The Lazer Ladies standing next to one of their laser engraved trophies.

The Lazer Ladies standing next to one of their laser engraved trophies.

Although neither Cindy nor Marylou had experience in business when they started Lazer Ladies in 2007, both women are well versed in hard work and determination. Marylou has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from UC Irvine and a Master’s in Business from the University of Las Vegas. She was also an  U.S. Air Force officer for eight years before being stationed in Las Vegas. Cindy is currently earning her Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Las Vegas as well, all while helping her sister run the company.

As with any business start-up, the journey to success doesn’t come without its challenges. When Cindy and Marylou first created Lazer Ladies in 2007, the recession hit immediately after. All of their savings and income went back into the business and the sisters were forced to live off of very little. It took them three years, but they were finally able to recover and start earning a profit from all the hard work they were putting in.

Some of the amazing work that Lazer Ladies does.

Some of the amazing work that Lazer Ladies does.

In addition to the recession, Cindy and Marylou have faced struggles with people underestimating them. Whether it’s because of their size (Cindy 4 feet 11 inches and Marylou 4 feet 8 inches), their gender or their presence in a male-dominated industry, the women have come across all sorts of people undermining their role as businesswomen. Both ladies don’t let these encounters stop them by any means. Instead, they use it as an opportunity to educate those individuals on who they are and what they have accomplished.

It is important to remember that being a woman is a beautiful and empowering experience. We have our own traits or superpowers, if you will, that make us strong. Cindy and Marylou embrace their womanhood in many different ways. They overcome every obstacle put in their path by listening to their gut instinct and trusting it. They embrace their uniqueness as women in the male-dominated field of laser engraving, and do it all in heels. Their resilience got them through the recession and will carry them through any future adversity that comes their way.

It’s a tough world out there, especially when you take the risk and go for your dreams. But in the words of Cindy and Marylou, sometimes, “You have to put on your high heels, smack on some lipstick and take action.”

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Free Publicity In 4 Easy Steps

As a new business, gaining exposure is vital to your success. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and the time has come to get your product or service out into the world. You’re eager and ready, and let’s be honest, a little nervous. You want to reach your consumer and not spend a lot of money doing so. Luckily, there are many ways to gain publicity for little to no cost. Here are a few tips and tricks to grow your business for free!

1. Getting Involved in the Local Community

        Giving back to a local charity or forming a special event is a great way to get involved in the community and create relationships with locals.  You can offer to donate your product or service, if applicable, to the charity of your choice. Doing so gains exposure for your business while helping your community.

2.  Write A Bad A** Press Release

        After that charity event you volunteered at, it’s time to write a killer press release. An eye catching headline is the most important to the release. A press release should be no longer than one page, if possible. One pagers allows you to provide all the information you need right away. Add a ‘Press’ or ‘News’ section to your website and add photos to accompany the press release. You should also link the press release to your social media accounts, which can double as a post to showcase your “social proof” which will allow the journalist and media outlets to see what you are promoting. This is a great way for potential customers to see your involvement in the community, your newest product, and how your business is growing.

3.  Social Media: Be Consistent and Creative

        Whether you love it or dread it, social media is crucial to gaining exposure. Some easy and effective tips to growing your social media accounts are daily engagement and good, consistent content. Be sure to like, comment, and follow accounts you feel are cohesive with your brand. Engaging with like-minded people ensures you’re creating awareness to the right people. You never know if an account you stumbled upon could be your next loyal customer.

        When creating content, be sure your message is clear and your photos are cohesive. Whether you want to create a theme by content, colors, or photo style; be sure your feed is as visually pleasing as it is informative.

4. Finding the Right Influencer

        While on your daily liking-spree on Instagram, take time to look for accounts that not only fit your brand, but have a large following and good engagement. Many social media users are more than willing to try your product, review it, and share it with their followers. For just the cost of your product, you will gain exposure and potentially new customers. Using influencers to gain publicity is a great way to earn authentic feedback while growing your customer base.

Try these 4 easy tips on your next marketing campaign and remember: “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” - Maya Angelou.

by Kelsey LaMay