la vie en, pronounced /lah-vee-en/. We are a full service marketing and public relations agency.  It all began with a vision. From there we tested, branched out, and did not take no for an answer. We have always operated with the principles of defying the odds. The moment we are not having fun is when we are not doing our best. Our adventure is in the design work. 

la vie en was founded to put a spin on marketing and public relations work in the modern world. Our work is purpose driven and has been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC News, U.S. Army, Surf Rider Foundation and more. We've worked with billionaires like Shark Tank's Mark Cuban, to Special Forces. From land to sea, our creativity has no limits. 




Associates & Staff



Hillary Manalac
cofounder and Chief Executive Officer


bob lloyd
director of outreach


jon gonzaga
director of videography


zack gomez
director of development


ron sklar
writer/ blogger